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The Quotes & Interviews section is put here to help you understand both Marilyn Manson, and their music. The reason why people think Marilyn Manson is a freak, or a devil worshiper, or untalented or whatever, is because they do not understand him. Here is where you can understand.

Question: What are you trying to contribute to society?
"On a basic level, entertainment. On a deeper level, thought-provoking ideas. Anything from religion to fashion, to philosophy, to sexuality. Everything that I can think of. I'm just an observer. I've always sat back and watched the world around me."
-Marilyn Manson - Juice Magazine - October 1998

Marilyn Manson Quotes from the years 1993-1998:
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Marilyn Manson Quotes from the years 1998-1999:
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Marilyn Manson Quotes from the years 2000-2001:
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Quotes Regarding:

Antichrist Superstar

Mechanical Animals

Holy Wood
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Album Comparisons:

-Between Mechanical Animals & Antichrist Superstar
-Between Mechanical Animals, Antichrist Superstar, Holy Wood

Quotes on:

Holy Wood Novel

Holy Wood Movie

Marilyn Manson quotes on the unknown and faith

In this section Marilyn Manson quotes about things such as God, Religion, Spirituality, Angels, human soul, etc.

Numbers & Coincidences

In this section Marilyn Manson quotes on things like how mysterious things keep happening and how certain numbers have to do with it. Very interesting.

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Marilyn Manson quotes on their next Album\EP

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